3 Things To Do When You Plan Tours To Cape York

If you're planning a tours to cape york, there's no better time than now. It's one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and it has so much to offer.
Whether you want to explore its wilderness or get in touch with its history, there are plenty of things you can do here that will leave you feeling satisfied. Here are three I recommend:

Explore the Cape York Peninsula

Cape York Peninsula is the most northern point of Australia and an exciting place to explore. From beaches to rainforests, this area has it all.
You can see the Great Barrier Reef from a helicopter or take a 4WD tour through the Daintree Rainforest.
The Barron River is one of the largest rivers on Cape York Peninsula with many opportunities for fishing and canoeing adventures.
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Soak up the history

If you're planning a tours to cape york, you've got two options: stick with the typical tourist spots and leave it at that, or take the time to explore some of the region's history.
If you choose the latter option, there are several museums in Far North Queensland that will fascinate and educate your group. Here's where to start:
  • The Cape York Historical Society is an organization dedicated to preserving local heritage sites. Their office is located right near Cairns Airport, which makes it easy for travelers who want to stop by while waiting for their flights home.
  • One of their most popular tours is a three-hour trek through Malanda Creek Reserve; this reserve includes many historical locations like old plantations and an Aboriginal burial ground from long before white settlement.
  • You'll also get introduced to some of the Indigenous people who still live on nearby land today!
  • The Cape York Historical Museum features exhibits about Australia's northernmost point as well as parts of its coastline further south (including places like Port Douglas).
  • Visitors have access not only via guided tours but also self-guided ones—so if you don't want anyone telling you what order things should be viewed in (or whether or not there are bathrooms available!), then this might be your best bet!

Enjoy local cuisine

One of the best ways to experience a new place is through its food.
Cape York has a lot of unique, delicious local cuisine that you won't find anywhere else in Australia. Some of these dishes include:
  • Ribery Pie - This pie consists of berries that grow on trees around Cape York, which gives it a wonderful fruity flavour!
  • Boar Barbecue - There are many wild boars roaming around Cape York, and they're often hunted for their meat. The taste is similar to pork or lamb with a slight gamey flavour.


The Cape York Peninsula is a beautiful place with a rich and interesting history. It’s also worth exploring if you want an adventure full of fun and excitement!
If you plan tours to cape york, don’t miss these three things: explore the peninsula's natural beauty, soak up its culture and history, and try some local cuisine.